“Locaring” — from Latin “locatio” — location, position and “ring” — a rope-fenced area.

In the summer of 2020, I lived for two weeks in a small town in Russia where my husband’s family lives. In the old house, from where the family history comes, I created a series of still lifes and self-portraits, working with the aesthetics of space and the culture of the place, retelling the history of the house.
 In a number of absurd still lifes, I used objects preserved in the house, giving them a new meaning instead of the long lost one. I built compositions following the traditions of post-minimalist sculpture.
 Old dishes, electrical appliances and packaging evoke a feeling of recognition and nostalgia in the post-Soviet viewer. With standard production, scarcity of goods and lack of variety, most household items were the same for everyone. This inevitably gives still lifes new shades of meaning, depending on who is looking at them.